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Robin Willliams – Connecting In The Field?

It’s hard to know where to begin with this one, other than with the timeless advice that when the answer to the rhetorical question you pose in your headline is “no”, don’t write the article. The Blessed McTaggart loves to present herself as a groundbreaking scientist and some kind of medical savant. Her book The Field [...]

It's official: WDDTY have lost

It’s official: WDDTY have lost

Lynne McTaggart’s Facebook page, rigorously censored For Free Speech, is home to many bonkers statements, but few that are such an unambiguous admission of defeat as this.

Nothing says “credible health resource” quite like vitriolic personal attacks against private individuals who have a reputation for being fair, polite and reserved.

Sunshine could reduce severity of asthma attacks

Sunshine could reduce severity of asthma attacks

Faced with a study finding that is broadly ideologically consonant with WDDTY’s agenda, they still feel the need to make stuff up. A paper which discusses severe asthma and makes NO mention of sub or supplements is presented as researchers saying that sun and supplements are recommended for all asthma sufferers.

The results of the first Intention Experiment are in!

In a stunning development predicted by absolutely nobody except the entire skeptic community, the results of the first Confirmation Bias Demonstration – sorry, that should be Healing Intention Experiment – are in, and they show a resounding success.

In this first-of-a-kind-except-for-all-the-others experiment, Lynne McTaggart carefully excluded any mechanism for controlling for bias by ensuring that there was no blinding, that all outcomes were purely subjective, and by casting herself in the role of impartial arbiter of success.

A success measure was chosen which has no relationship to the literature on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the lead investigator – who apparently loves writing for peer-reviewed publication – scores the coveted zero hits in [W:PubMed].

Impressively, an experimental subject was chosen who could already produce the effect at will. This, combined with the lack of blinding means either that it cannot be definitively proven that the effect was exclusively due to intention (McTaggart’s version), or that the entire thing was a complete waste of time (the reality-based version).

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