The power of recycling

A forthcoming article for the January 2015 issue is billed thus in Dec 2014:
lt sounds impossible, but besides a long history of use in  India, urine therapy has growing evidence of success in all manner of conditions, from skin cancer to peptic ulcers. Cate Montana separates fact from fiction.
Spoiler alert: no evidence, growing or otherwise, is provided, and if Cate … Continue Reading ››

Vasectomy raises prostate cancer risk by 10 per cent

Some issues in medicine are complex - sufficiently complex that they actively invite Mencken's famous expression: for every complex problem there is a solution which is simple, neat and wrong. Other things are relatively straightforward. This October 2014 story on prostate cancer risk is straightforward, but that doesn't stop WDDTY turning it into an alarmist anti-medicine … Continue Reading ››

Contraceptive pills increase breast cancer risk threefold

Bad news, girls. WDDTY wants you pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen (albeit preparing raw food and none of those evil tomatoes). McTaggart is probably religious and has appeared on media promoting "sacred stewardship", so this is not much of a surprise. October 2014's … Continue Reading ››

WDDTY Then And Now: 1998 interview with Lynne McTaggart

In November 1998 the Independent published an interview with Lynne McTaggart. We thought it might be interesting to see what's changed since then.
Its hundredth issue, published in July 1998, included a letter from a doctor that condemns it as "inflammatory, scare-mongering hyperbole".
OK, so that's still the same...
So what are Lynne and … Continue Reading ››

Doctors who question vaccination are being ‘forced out of medicine’

Thanks to the editors of WDDTY for a rare bit of good news:
English doctors who may be ambivalent about vaccines are being weeded out of the profession by the ‘revalidation’ process, where they have to renew their licence to practice.
Being "ambivalent about vaccines" is a great litmus test I agree. Any doctor who can … Continue Reading ››

Cholesterol: zero shades of grey or, Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia

The thing about quacks and quackery shills is that they don't do nuance. Medicine = bad, natural = good because duh obvious. This simplistic thinking is absent in science, of course, but it makes for some pretty comical content in WDDTY. Consider LDL. The starting premise here is that statins - sorry, statin drugs, mustn't forget to … Continue Reading ››

GcMAF: The superhero for your health problem?

WDDTY present GcMAF as a medical miracle, curing cancer, AIDS and autism, and claim that ti is being aggressively suppressed and its proponents attacked by “pharma-funded” groups. They rely entirely on information provided by a company illegally selling treatment based on GcMAF, and in particular Marco Ruggiero, an officer of that company who is also an AIDS denialist.

To boost the claimed credibility of Ruggiero they invoke the support of AIDS denialist Peter Duesberg and homeopathy believer Luc Montagnier – in reality, associations which substantially weaken any claim to legitimacy.

WDDTY loves to tell readers to “follow the money”. This article shows that they do not even pay lip service to this when the content fits with their anti-science agenda.

Quack reports Cancer Research UK over “false” information. Hilarity ensues.

Please see the update at the foot of the page. We're grateful to WDDTY for bringing us this gem:
The UK’s major cancer charity, Cancer Research UK, has been reported to the Metropolitan Police for being in breach of a recent law for “knowingly or recklessly providing false or misleading information”.
Note to quacks: information does not … Continue Reading ››

Wheat intolerance? Processed breads are the real culprit, says researcher

There is no bullshit in the world so self-evidently fatuous that someone won't assert it. Non-existent "wheat intolerance" caused by bread that has gone through some nebulously-defined "processing"? Sure, why not?
Most people who think they have a wheat intolerance actually have an aversion only to highly-processed wheat products, a controversial new study suggests.
Actually of … Continue Reading ››

“What Doctors Don’t Tell You” – Dangerous advice

Reblogged from Swift at the James Randi Educational Foundation
If you want an alternative to reputable health magazines, look no further than What Doctors Dont Tell You (WDDTY) - the winner, once again, thanks to assiduous astroturfing, of a “people’s choice” award for most popular website in the … Continue Reading ››

What "What Doctors Don't Tell You" Don't Tell You

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