A challenge from Lynne McTaggart

Fascinating question, since it excludes any quality of life outcome and of course also excludes a well-known class of effective drugs.

Here are some examples off the top of my head:

  • Tetanus antitoxin
  • Antimalarials
  • Chemotherapy for liquid tumours (e.g. Hodgkin’s lymphoma)
  • Antivenins

And some drugs promoted by WDDTY that can’t cure people:

  • Laetrile
  • Coffee
  • High dose vitamins
  • Antineoplastons

Antibiotics are a huge class of drugs and represent a significant proportion of all curative therapeutic uses of drugs. Excluding these indicates an agenda but still fails to include all therapeutic drugs.

Why don’t doctors tell you that antibiotics are the only drugs that can cure disease?

Because it’s not true.

4 thoughts on “A challenge from Lynne McTaggart”

  1. Treatments for fungal infections or parasites don’t involve antibiotics.

    Vitamins cure vitamin deficiencies. Real deficiencies, like scurvy, beri beri etc; not the imaginary ones quacks cook up in order to make a quick buck from overpriced supplements.

    Liquid nitrogen is used to cure warts. Antihistamines are used for allergic reactions, both chronic and acute.

    I notice McTaggart carefully uses the word “cured”, which specifically excludes chronic ailments successfully treated by modern drugs, such as endocrine disorders. How very disingenuous of her.

    1. Beaten to the antifungals by Anarchic here. McTaggart can’t go to many dinner parties populated with real doctors, vets, biologists and interested others.

    2. Yes, I was about to query which of the following treatments Lynne would consider most useful for diabetes: sunbathing, having a lie in, or insulin. And then I noticed the “cure” thing. But as you say, she excludes anything that manages chronic conditions. She would also exclude antiretrovirals for the same reason (meanwhile she seems to believe that vitamin C can cure HIV, though as we know, is a bit touchy about whether or not she has actually claimed this in her mag).

      And Lynne is also excluding anything that might prevent an illness or that might treat the symptoms of an illness. She also excludes life saving surgery – which is made possible and made routine by (among other things) medicines that treat “symptoms” (such as analgesics and anaesthetics). And she is of course denying that any kind of chemotherapy can ever cure any kind of cancer.

  2. Like Josephine, I would also challenge Lynne McTaggart to have major surgery without any anaesthetic or analgesic drugs, then come back and answer her own question. Of course this would be outside the restrictions of her loaded challenge.

    Vaccination has saved unlimited numbers of lives by not curing, but preventing disease. These would be outside the scope of her ridiculous challenge.

    Adding to the list which do fit the restricted criteria: hep C is now curable in many patients (around 75%) with new drug regimes. Vinca alkaloid chemotherapies cure leukaemia in children, chemo like etoposide, bleomycin and platinum drugs can cure testicular cancer in adults.

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