A disclaimer might look like this...
A disclaimer might look like this…

There are a few things that may help raise the profile of the dangerous nonsense in WDDTY.

  • If you are an in-store pharmacist at Tesco or some other supermarket selling this nonsense, then you could complain to your manager that your role is being undermined by the anti-medicine agenda in WDDTY.
  • If you are a health professional, you could take a copy off the shelves to Customer Service and tell them you are offended by the insult to your profession.
  • If you are inclined to activism, buy a copy and stage a stunt in front of the shop, send us photos! Don’t tear a copy up without buying it.
  • Some satirical individuals moved Tony Blair’s book to the Crime or Fantasy section. Does your supermarket or WHS branch have a Comedy or Satire section?
  • You can buy peelable printable labels (e.g. Avery L4743REV) and print a warning notice.


One thought on “Activism”

  1. I put a copy of a children’s magazine or comic in front of the thin pile of WDDTY – CBeebies weekly is good.

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