Can chiropractic treatment help with undescended testicles

WDDTY contains many advice columns and letters. A responsible publication will of course keep the obvious green-ink types at bay. How well does WDDTY do?

Your questioner asked (WDDTY, vol. 3 no. 6) whether chiropractic treatment could help the condition of undescended testicle. I cannot speak for chiropractors, but as an osteopath, I feel it would certainly be worth giving this method of treatment a trial or at least, obtaining the opinion of an osteopath working in paediatrics. I suggest that your questioner contact the Osteopathic Centre for Children, Honeysuckle Cottage, Inkpen Lane, Forest Row, East Sussex (Tel: 034 282 4466). L C, Victoria, Australia……

Not so well, then.

ChiropracticW has an evidence base equivalent to other manual manipulation therapies for musculoskeletal pain, no credible evidence whatsoever for the treatment of any other condition, and a history of causing stroke. There is no reason to recommend chiropractic over evidence-based physiotherapy, and every good reason not to: chiropractors never discharge a patient, their goal is to keep you going back for ever for treatments for non-existent “subluxations”.

The best advice is “never let those buggers touch you above the shoulders“, and keep them well clear of children.

The criteria for selecting an osteopath are relatively simple: if they advertise as specialists in joint and muscle pain, and make no reference at all to cranial osteopathyW (also known as cranio-sacral therapy, you’re probably OK.

Neither osteopathy nor chiropractic has a snowball’s chance of fixing an undescended testicleW, though no doubt they will be happy to claim credit if it spontaneously resolves, as it often does.

For trustworthy advice on undescended testicles (cryptorchidism) see NHS Choices.

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