Homeopathy and the NHS

One of the callout boxes in the article Like Water For Chemo discusses the situation of homeopathy on the NHS.

This is a bland and factually accurate statement marred only by being drawn from a ridiculous source.

Homeopathy and the NHS The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) spends around £160 billion ($256 billion) a year and £4 million ($6.4 million) of it on homeopathy, mainly by funding the UK’s four homeopathic hospitals.

Even though the expenditure is negligible, some doctors continue to call for its complete abolition in the NHS. Groups of doctors have pressed primary care trusts (PCTs) to stop offering homeopathy to local patients, while the British Medical Association (BMA)—the doctors’ trade union—has called on the UK government to ban it outright.

The BMA meeting—where one doctor described homeopathy as “nonsense on stilts”—also called on the government to place all homeopathic remedies in pharmacies under a special ‘Placebo’ section.

Source: Mail Online, 2 July 2010; www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1290861/Homeopathyremedies-labelled-placebos-banned-NHS-sayleading-doctors.html

Amazing that WDDTY didn’t even cite the dead-tree version of the Mail!

A few salient facts that were unaccountably missed (presumably for reasons of space, or maybe because they were in the Telegraph not the Mail so lacked credulibility):


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