Lynne McTaggart on water memory

According to Lynne McTaggart the latest issue has “a good deal of evidence from physicists showing that water can carry information”.


Does this stand up?

We already analysed the feature in question.

It contained speculation but no solid evidence, and it did not even begin to address the other links in the chain. To recap, if homeopathy worked by water memory we would need the following:

  • Proof that like cures like, an idea based on the false inference that quinine cures malaria by similarity of symptoms, rather than (as is the fact) by killing the plasmodium falciparumW parasite that causes it.
  • Proof that the means by which this happens, is related to a property that is preserved in this water memory.
  • Proof that this water memory is imparted only (or especially) by serial dilution and twerking succussion.
  • Proof that this property becomes stronger as dilution is increased, or at least becomes no weaker.
  • Proof that the water memory is persistent (ordered structures in water last a few tens of femtoseconds – lack of persistent structures is the canonical definition of liquid).
  • Proof that this memory can be transferred to an intermediary (i.e. a sugar pillule) and persists when the water itself is evaporated.
  • Proof that it is transferable thence to a human, rather than being broken down by the enzymes of the mouth.
  • Proof that following transfer, it has a clinically relevant effect, in defiance of the law of mass actionW.

Water “memory” exists, just about, but it is a transient phenomenon of no evident clinical relevance.

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