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Being a skeptic is a tough life, living constantly with the nagging doubt: but what if I am wrong about this miracle cure claim? Not all of them can be right, because they are mutually exclusive, but that doesn’t mean that all of them must be wrong, just because there’s no credible evidence.

Quacks have no such scruples, because for them it’s religious not evidential. Homeopaths support chiropractors and acupuncturists and herbalists (quietly ignoring the fact that this is allopathy), because they are all united against a common foe: the demon evidence.

Minchin’s Law: you know what they call an alternative medicine that can be shown to work? Medicine.

Sandra Courtney is a powerful force for good in dispelling doubt. She is so shrill, so strident, so relentlessly wrong, that her support is close to 100% positive proof that something is quackery. There are no known cases where she has publicly backed a valid therapy.

Here’s her rant in support of WDDTY:

Censorship by the Times, Simon Singh and others are trying to stop the stocking of this helpful magazine in the UK shops that stock them. This month’s issue, November, has a very exciting article about the work with cancer and homeopathy in India and in collaboration with doctors here in the United States.

Censorship? Do you mean censorship like deleting all critical commentary from Facebook, or censorship like saying it’s fine to publish this crap but while it routinely contains dangerous disinformation it should not be placed where people might unwittingly think it was valid health advice?

Oh, wait, we know which one.

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