Silence those who oppose freedom of speech!

WDDTY: Censoring for free speech.
WDDTY: Censoring for free speech.

Lynne McTaggart howls long and loud about the way that not stocking her grossly irresponsible magazine would somehow be infringing her right to free speech. Is her conduct consistent with the idea that she is a champion of open and informed debate?

(Spoiler alert: No)

See if you can identify the abuse and harassment in these posts. Or maybe it’s “far more likely” that the commenter deleted them, as Lynne claims? On the face of it, it looks very much like she’s been deleting perfectly reasonable comments. Because free speech.

Lynne's commitment to open debate.
Lynne’s commitment to open debate. Astoundingly, this turns out to be mendacious nonsense.

Please send us more! And extra points if you have a grab of the comment where Lynne suggested she was not deleting comments, but the commenters were.


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