WDDTY on Burzynski

A roundup of WDDTY stories on Stanislaw Burzynski and the Burzynski ClinicW, all of which are uncritical.

The most important news in recent months is the release of documents by the FDA showing that Burzynski has shredded all the baseline data for his “trials”. We’re struggling to come up with an innocent explanation for that, plausible or otherwise.

The following list is taken from a search of WDDTY.com and has not yet been filtered or validated. Corrections gratefully received via our contact form.

  1. The new soldiers of the cancer war Several weeks ago we held our Surviving Cancer conference. For those of you who didn’t attend (and if you couldn’t and w… more » (family matters)
  2. Cancer : the better alternatives – How the conventional cancer industry suppresses promising alternative cures and where to get information about them. Last year, the American government’s Office of Technology Assessment published a report about the efficacy of alternativ… more » (cover story)
  3. Alternative cancer treatments proven to help Cancer represents a healer’s greatest challenge. It operates like an alien inside your body. Its biochemical laws are di… more » (PROOF)
  4. The insanity of rationalism I wasn’t going to do this. I kept my mouth uncharacteristically shut through the final months of the death watch, and I… more » (family matters)
  5. The big cancer cover-up The Neon Roberts case highlights the shortcomings of conventional cancer treatments and the bias against fair testing of… more » (cover story)
  6. Cancer: Alternatives that work New funding is finally finding its way to medical trials on alternative therapies that offer genuine new hope for cancer… more » (cover story)

There’s more analysis to come on this.

For a rather more sober analysis, see The Other Burzynski patient Group.

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