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GlucosamineW is a supplement typically targeted at people suffering from chronic joint pain. Early promising results and low toxicity led to large randomised controlled trials: these comprehensively failed to support any claim of efficacy. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugsW (NSAIDs) are the current best management of chronic joint pain. They are effective but have known side-effects (as virtually every effective treatment does).

This is a condition that is particularly ripe for exploitation by quacks as it is (by definition) largely incurable – other than the dramatic intervention of joint replacement surgery – and with an ageing population, thanks to medicine’s increasing ability to keep us alive well past the historical median life expectancy of under 40 years, more and more people will suffer from the inevitable degeneration of joints.

Glucosamine quackery is a fairly standard example of a trope that originated with early promising results, and persists because the world of supplements, complementary and alternative medicine (SCAM) is in denial about the well-documented fact that most published research results are wrong.

A perfect storm of a vulnerable population, early and misleadingly vivid research results, trumpeted as a miracle in the press, contradicted by later findings so not part of the standard of care, positioned against a standard of care that involves drugs with some side-effects, and the conscience-free industrial exploitation machine that is the supplement industry.

Instead of exposing the grotesque abuses of the supplement industry, which exceed the worst the pharmaceutical industry could dream of getting away with, WDDTY instead acts as a propaganda mouthpiece, promoting claims that the manufacturers cannot because they would be breaking the law.

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Why don’t doctors tell you that glucosamine is an effective remedy for joint pain?

Because the evidence says it isn’t true.

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