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Homeopathy reverses cancer? We never said that.
This absolutely never happened.

HomeopathyW is the purest form of quackery: there is no reason to think it should work, no way it can work, and no evidence it does work other than as a placeboW. It defines itself by rejection of allopathyW (an archaic precursor to medicine that bears no relation to modern evidence-based medicineW but still epitomises the homeopathic view of doctors). It has a cottage industry devoted to providing more or less sciencey-looking publications purporting to prove that it works, and it is endlessly portrayed by the alternative world as “controversial” where in reality no controversy exists: it simply doesn’t work.

Needless to say, WDDTY are big fans. They even ran a cover story bigging up the notorious “Swiss report”.

We have some articles on WDDTY coverage of homeopathy:

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  1. Homeopathy – Better than drugs for chronic conditions Homeopathy helps to relieve chronic conditions, a new study has found. Researchers tracked around 6500 patients with chr… more » News
  2. Eczema: Homeopathy treats it as well as – if not better than – conventional medicine Homeopathy is just as good as conventional medicine for treating eczema. Classical homeopathy – where the patient recei… more » e-news
  3. Big Pharma starts to invest in homeopathy The sceptics may be winning their battle against homeopathy – the NHS is now spending just £122,000 a year on homeopathi… more » e-news
  4. Homeopathy has a ‘clinically relevant’ effect way beyond placebo Critics have always dismissed homeopathy as offering nothing more than a placebo effect – you just think it’s making you… more » e-news
  5. Bully Boys: Doctors continue to push homeopathy out of the NHS A small but vociferous group of doctors and scientists seems determined to remove homeopathy from the National Health Se… more » e-news
  6. Homeopathy is effective and safe, says authoritative government report Health services and insurers are taking a closer look at homeopathy after an authoritative report concluded that it was… more » e-news
  7. Homeopathy relieves side effects of cancer therapies Homeopathy isn’t quite the quack medicine its critics claim. It can help relieve some of the side effects of cancer the… more » e-news
  8. Nobel scientist discovers scientific basis of homeopathy In the week that doctors have described homeopathy as ‘nonsense on stilts’, a Nobel prize-winning scientist has made a d… more » e-news
  9. Homeopathy under new threat in the UK People in the UK have until tomorrow (February 18) to help safeguard homeopathy and homeopathic remedies. The UK’s Medi… more » e-news
  10. Homeopathy: Proof from scientists about how it might work Scientists and doctors who declare that homeopathy is bunk because of the dilution effect don’t understand the qualities… more » e-news
  11. Homeopathy: New label approval turns scientists purple If you want a scientist or doctor to turn purple with rage right in front of you, just say the word ‘homeopathy’. It’s… more » e-news
  12. More on homeopathy, please I was refiling WDDTY vol 15 no 8, when it fell open to page 8, where two headlines are ‘Polycystic problems’ and ‘Chroni… more » Letters
  13. Neutral Switzerland is partial to homeopathy The home of two pharmaceutical giants comes out strongly in favour of homeopathy, legalizing national health reimburseme… more » Cover Story
  14. Proof positive – Homeopathy works, but dr jacques isn’t around to hear his work vindicated It is tragic that it has taken 16 years to vindicate the controversial discoveries of Dr Jacques Benveniste – and in the… more » Family matters
  15. Science proves homeopathy works Three major tests since 1985 have scientifically proved that homeopathy works yet the medical establishment still cannot… more » News
  16. Much more than placebo: Homeopathy reverses cancer It’s supposed to be no better than placebo, yet the ‘impossible’ medicine of homeopathy is regressing thousands of cance… more » Cover Story
  17. Homeopathy PracticeName: Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  18. The Homeopathy Practice PracticeName: The Homeopathy Practice Discipline: Homeopathy Address…more » Practitioner
  19. Lymington Homeopathy PracticeName: Lymington Homeopathy Discipline: Allergy Testing & Treatment, Homeopathy, Reiki Address… more » Practitioner
  20. New Dawn Homeopathy PracticeName: New Dawn Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address…more » Practitioner
  21. Vivien Newrick Homeopathy PracticeName: Vivien Newrick Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  22. Jo Simons (Homeopathy & Space) PracticeName: Homeopathy & Space Discipline: Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Holistic Me… more » Practitioner
  23. Homeopathy helped undescended testicle My eldest son is 13. When he was 10, we noticed that he had an undescended testicle. … more » Family matters
  24. Denise Winks (Droitwich Spa Homeopathy Practice) PracticeName: Droitwich Spa Homeopathy Practice Discipline: Homeopathy Address…more » Practitioner
  25. Ms Josephine Percival (Centre for Homeopathy & Guided Imagery) PracticeName: Centre for Homeopathy & Guided Imagery Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  26. Mrs Dominique Laslett (The Homeopathy Centre Clinic) PracticeName: The Homeopathy Centre Clinic Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  27. Mrs Ilona Perham (The Homeopathy Practice) PracticeName: The Homeopathy Practice Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  28. Five-in-one vaccination alternative: A young mother last time was worried about the new five-in-one vaccine that’s just been introduced by the UK health auth… more » Family matters
  29. Mrs Suzanne Cain (HOMEOPATHY WORKS) PracticeName: HOMEOPATHY WORKS Discipline: Homeopathy Address … more » Practitioner
  30. Mrs Sue Wharton (The Radcliffe Homeopathy Clinic) PracticeName: The Radcliffe Homeopathy Clinic Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  31. Ms Emma Sandberg (Homeopathy-Health for Life) PracticeName: Homeopathy-Health for Life Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  32. Ms Sue White (Homeopathy in Buckingham) PracticeName: Homeopathy in Buckingham Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  33. Mrs Rachael Leffman (Homeopathy In Barnet) PracticeName: Homeopathy In Barnet Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  34. Mrs Caroline Wilson (Helpful Homeopathy) PracticeName: Helpful Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  35. Mr David Baugh (The Homeopathy Way) PracticeName: The Homeopathy Way Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  36. Mrs Samantha Gladden (nw3 homeopathy) PracticeName: nw3 homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy, Reiki Address… more » Practitioner
  37. Ms Linda Lloyd (Homeopathy Resource) PracticeName: Homeopathy Resource Discipline: Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Fertility Awareness, Healing, Holistic P… more » Practitioner
  38. Marcelle Rudolph Homeopath PracticeName: Marcelle Rudolph Homeopath Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  39. Ms Lea Powell (Guernsey Homeopathy and Reflexology) PracticeName: Guernsey Homeopathy and Reflexology Discipline: Holistic Practitioner (multi-discipline), Homeopathy, Mass… more » Practitioner
  40. Medics grudgingly admit homeopathy may be proven Homeopathic remedies came under the scrutiny of the medical establishment again recently and the positive conclusions we… more » News
  41. Mrs KITTY DUNKLEY (Salisbury Homeopathy Centre) PracticeName: Salisbury Homeopathy Centre Discipline: Aromatherapy Address… more » Practitioner
  42. Ms Karin Leljevahl (Homeopathy & Complementary Therapies) PracticeName: Homeopathy & Complementary Therapies Discipline: Homeopathy, Indian Head Massage, Massage, Reflexo… more » Practitioner
  43. Mrs Vicky Burley Smith (Homeopathy Works) PracticeName: Homeopathy Works Discipline: Homeopathy, Childbirth Education & Support Address… more » Practitioner
  44. Miss Sarah Cowell (Salisbury Homeopathy Centre) PracticeName: Salisbury Homeopathy Centre Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  45. Dr RAJ SHARMA (Wolverhampton Homeopathy & Acupuncture) PracticeName: Wolverhampton Homeopathy & Acupuncture Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  46. Uterine fibroids Harald Gaier covers the best natural treatments for fibroids-from homeopathy to herbs. more » Cover Story
  47. Peripheral Neuropathy Homeopathy, herbs and other natural remedies may be helpful for this condition. more » The medical detective
  48. Ms (Carmen Adamou BA (Hons) LSHC – Homeopathy) PracticeName: Carmen Adamou BA (Hons) LSHC – Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address…more » Practitioner
  49. Mrs Hellis Hill (Homeopathy with Hellis Hill) PracticeName: Homeopathy with Hellis Hill Discipline: Chakra Balancing, Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  50. Dr P S Mukherji (Homeopathy & Complementary Medicine Centre) PracticeName: Homeopathy & Complementary Medicine Centre Discipline: Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Allergy Testing &… more » Practitioner
  51. Miss Denise O’Dwyer (Denise O’Dwyer Homeopathy) PracticeName: Denise O’Dwyer Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address:… more » Practitioner
  52. SARAH WHITTAKER (PHOENIX HOMEOPATHY) PracticeName: PHOENIX HOMEOPATHY Discipline: Homeopathy, Homeop… more » Practitioner
  53. Mrs Christine Wilson (Christine Wilson – Homeopathy and Allergy Testing) PracticeName: Christine Wilson – Homeopathy and Allergy Testing Discipline: Allergy Testing & Treatment, Homeopa… more » Practitioner
  54. Mrs Lulu Badger RS Hom (Vital Homeopathy Cornwall) PracticeName: Vital Homeopathy Cornwall Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  55. Mr Michael J. Bird RSHom SDSHom (Pure Essence Homeopathy) PracticeName: Pure Essence Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  56. Mrs Donna Draper (Worth Natural Health Centre – Homeopathy) PracticeName: Worth Natural Health Centre – Homeopathy Discipline: Allergy Testing & Treatment, Bio-energetic Te… more » Practitioner
  57. Scar tissue – Scar tissue For the past decade, this woman has been suffering from scar tissue in the abdominal area. She has already had two surge… more » e-news
  58. Cox-2 inhibitors – Nature’s painkillers * Glucosamine. This cartilage builder relieves pain better than NSAIDs like ibuprofen in the long-term (eight weeks) (Cu… more » Drugs and Side Effects
  59. Greendaisies Homeopathy PracticeName: Greendaisies Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address…more » Practitioner
  60. Menopausal symptoms Q My life is being made hell by hot flushes and night sweats. I am 50 years old and reluctant to take HRT. And now all t… more » Q & A
  61. Avian flu: strictly for the birds Avian flu (H5N1) is predicted to be the next pandemic, claiming up to 7.4 million lives, according to the World Health O… more » Family matters
  62. Acne – alternative therapies Q:How can I treat persistent acne (I’m 32) that seems resistant to a healthy diet, vitamin and mineral supplements, herb… more » Q & A
  63. Consciously sedated A few months ago, I had a minor medical problem. For many weeks, I successively tried homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, me… more » Viewpoint
  64. Treating the common cold After the season of cheer and beer, Comes champagne and the New Year. You’re sailing high, you’re feeling bold. A fo… more » The medical detective
  65. Hepatitis C A reader’s colleague has been diagnosed with hepatitis C but her doctor has decided not to treat it. Do readers know of… more » e-news
  66. Homeopathy for male disorders There are non-drug solutions for a number of disorders commonly seen in men more » Case-Study
  67. Homeopathy for high blood pressure Your hypertension case study (WDDTY, vol 8 no 5) has similarities to my own situation. I am now 66 years old. In 1989, I… more » Family matters
  68. Homeopathy for undescended testicles … more » Family matters
  69. Fillings: look to homeopathy … more » Family matters
  70. Infant with constant infections A reader would appreciate any help and advice for her 10-month-old grandson, who always seems to be unwell. He suffers… more » Readers questions
  71. Nephrotic syndrome Does anyone have any suggestions as to what can be done to help a 13-month-old child seriously ill with nephrotic syndro… more » Readers questions
  72. Low oestrogen A reader’s daughter has had very few periods over the past year and a blood test has revealed she has low oestrogen. more » Readers questions
  73. Tessa Jordan (Tessa Jordan-Homeopathy) PracticeName: Tessa Jordan-Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies Address… more » Practitioner
  74. Mr Melvyn Smith (The Clinic of Homeopathy) PracticeName: The Clinic of Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address…more » Practitioner
  75. Mr James Barratt (Barratt’s Homeopathy) PracticeName: Barratt’s Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  76. Miss Sheilagh King (Grassroots Homeopathy) PracticeName: Grassroots Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address…more » Practitioner
  77. Female hair loss Female hair loss Q) I am a healthy woman in my mid-50s . . . but my hair is falling out. The thinning began almost a dec… more » Q & A
  78. B-cell lymphoma: Next, we have the reader looking for suggestions to help her friend through the chemotherapy she’s taking for B-cell lym… more » Family matters
  79. Natural pain relief: Then, we have the mother-to-be who is looking forward to the big day but somewhat anxious about the pain involved. What… more » Family matters
  80. Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism: Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism: A reader with hyperthyroidism believes her condition is linked to Graves’ disease a… more » Family matters
  81. Glandular fever What could we do to help a 14-year-old with glandular fever? Elderberry acts specifically against the virus that causes… more » Family matters
  82. Ms Plenty of advice for the reader’s sister who is suffering from MS and looking for alternative ways to alleviate her symp… more » Family matters
  83. Ms Vivien Cooke (Willow House Homeopathy) PracticeName: Willow House Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  84. Ms Anita Happs (Anita Happs – Holistic Homeopathy) PracticeName: Anita Happs – Holistic Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy, Nutrition Address…more » Practitioner
  85. Mrs Charlotte La Touche (Wight Homeopathy) PracticeName: Wight Homeopathy Discipline: Nutrition, Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  86. Mrs C M Wise (Yorkshire School of Homeopathy) PracticeName: Yorkshire School of Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  87. Mr Ernest Roberts (North West College of Homeopathy) PracticeName: North West College of Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address…more » Practitioner
  88. Ms Deirdre Moon (North Lakes Clinic of Homeopathy) PracticeName: North Lakes Clinic of Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy Address… more » Practitioner
  89. Ms Jane howarth (Leeds Centre of Homeopathy) PracticeName: Leeds Centre of Homeopathy Discipline: Homeopathy, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Massage (therapeutic / remedial),… more » Practitioner
  90. Hormonal imbalance A friend of mine had to take the birth-control pill a year ago after she was told her hormones were out of balance. She… more » Family matters
  91. Volume 17 / Issue 4 – Jul 2006 – The case for homeopathy more » Products
  92. Artificial tears – Ways to make your eyes wetter * vitamin A, the premier vitamin for eye health. Suggested dosage: 10,000 IU/day, plus at least 400 IU/day of vitamin D…. more » Q & A
  93. Treating a fever * Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, refined foods and sugar. * Increase fluid intake. more » Health Tips
  94. The sun in winter Britain is a nation of sun-seekers, especially over the winter months, but much concern and confusion surround this part… more » The medical detective
  95. Flu an easy nut to crack Re A.G.’s letter, ‘Preparing for winter’, in WDDTY vol 16 no 7, up until two years go, I, too, was prone to colds and fl… more » Family matters
  96. Mrs R Sun PracticeName: Discipline: Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chinese Herbal Medicine Address… more » Practitioner
  97. Ms Jane Harbord (Soulwellness) PracticeName: Soulwellness Discipline: Holistic Practitioner (multi-discipline), Homeopathy, Indian Head Massage, Reflex… more » Practitioner


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