Why The Times repeated the same attack on WDDTY

On the WDDTY Facebook page (from which skeptical voices are summarily and hypocritically banned), Lynne McTaggart complains about The Times having the unmitigated gall to respond to her bogus claims. In doing so she repeats the claim that The Times failed to contact WDDTY before running the first piece exposing their dangerous misinformation.

Vicious attack on WDDTY!

Does this hold up?

Here’s a set of comments posted by Tom Whipple on Facebook. Unaccountably this

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Oops! Busted.

2 thoughts on “Why The Times repeated the same attack on WDDTY”

  1. I have taken up #WDDTY offer to email the Times regarding oppressive journalism –

    ‘Dear Sir/Madam

    I refer to the posting below and wholeheartedly agree with the request to make contact with The Times to make my opinion count (as encouraged to do by the publication)

    For the avoidance of any doubt, I think you are doing exactly the right thing by exposing this odorous magazine for what it truly is. A dangerous and light weight excuse for health information which, if it only exposes one patient to harm as a result, will be one patient too many.’

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