Alan Hunter’s allergy cure

WDDTY are currently bombarding their email subscribers with this piece of arrant nonsense:

Are you one degree away from having a healthy gut?

So many of us suffer gut problems, whether it’s indigestion, allergies to some foods, IBS or worse. Alan Hunter was the same; for years, he suffered chronic fatigue and depression as a symptom of his food allergy.

Then, after suffering for years, he made a remarkable discovery.
His food allergy was responsive to body temperature.
The allergy completely disappeared when he ran a fever. And the amazing thing was, it only took a rise of one degree F for him to feel completely healthy and well. So, Alan worked out how he could raise his body temperature naturally and permanently. His insights earned him several prestigious awards and a doctorate – and he explains his methods in this month’s issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You.

Yes, well, among the things WDDTY doesn’t tell you is that the “prestigious awards and a doctorate” didn’t actually come from any recognised academic or scientific institution. Any bets on iQuim? It’s the most likely candidate, other than some Indian diploma-mill, for someone who says he’s a Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicines. And who, therefore, has no right to call himself a doctor in the UK, let alone imply – as he does on his website – that he is a medical doctor. (UPDATE: June 2015: now corrected)

Watch this space. Alan Hunter, your arse will be ours.

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