It’s official: WDDTY have lost

farcebookWe have arrived at a turning point. Tesco have dropped WDDTY, and the editors know that this is the beginning of the end of their attempt to appear to be a legitimate magazine.

As proof, I offer the Facebook post captured at right, from WDDTY’s wall, where all dissenting views are ruthlessly excised because free speech.

Notice two things:

First, McTaggart leads with a ridiculous personal attack on Laura and Mike Thomason, two people whose identities they seem to think are a sinister secret, presumably because they have never heard of Google or are truly incompetent at following the projects of their self-declared nemesis Simon Singh.

Laura, as all UK skeptical activists know, is painstakingly scrupulous in being fair to those she critiques.  I can find no evidence at all that she has called for the banning of WDDTY- but of course as far as McTaggart is concerned any campaign designed to force WDDTY to be honest in its self-promotion and content, is precisely that: a call for it to be banned. Presumably they know, deep down, that they cannot ever be factual and honest.

I cannot think of anybody who it would be more insane to describe as a troll, though of course cranks have always used such labels for anyone who does not accept their belief on their own say-so – it’s a way of managing the cognitive dissonanceW.

Nothing says “credible health resource” quite like vitriolic personal attacks against private individuals who have a reputation for being fair, polite and reserved.

Second, as if this repugnant personalisation of the issue were not enough as an admission of defeat, there’s a cartoon aping the many spoof WDDTY covers created by skeptics, targeting Simon Singh.

According to WDDTY, Singh says that “every drug works and is perfectly safe”. This will come as news to the followers of All TrialsW, championed by Sense About ScienceW and Simon, who have been critiquing “big pharma” for covering up the fact that all drugs do not work and are not perfectly safe. In fact, I have never heard anybody, even the most hardened shill for big pharma, claim that all drugs are effective or that any drug is perfectly safe. Most, however, are both effective and acceptably safe.

As to the idea that “alternatives don’t work at all”, I cite Minchin’s Law: “By definition”, alternative medicine” has either not been proved to work, or been proved not to work. You know what they call “alternative medicine” that’s been proved to work? Medicine.””

Simon Singh is not in denial about this. Alternative treatments can be tested, objectively. A few have been found to be effective. They are no longer alternative. By definition.

2 thoughts on “It’s official: WDDTY have lost”

  1. I also saw this as a bit of a watershed moment. It’s galling to have unpleasant personal attacks but they reveal a lot more than just unpleasantness, don’t they.

    The WDDTY Facebook pages and their unceasing emails are fond of highlighting how many more supporters there are than skeptics (undoubtedly true) so it seems suspiciously odd to focus that heavily (and so mean-spiritedly) on one or two people.

    Given that Laura (I don’t know who Mike is) doesn’t seem to have made any comment about WDDTY’s use of the picture in the first place it’s rather odd to cite her as the driver behind this. Also it just seems like an unwise thing to have posted. With names and locations included I read it as being more threatening rather than merely informative. I can’t see any real reason to include that information, nor any plausible reason that might cover it. All a bit creepy.

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