We are much indebted to  for finding this little gem and for Chris at osric.com for programming it.

Ladies an’ ginnelmin, we proudly present:

Make your own WDDTY Bingo Cards.

This game can be played wherever sane people foregather to read the latest edition of WDDTY (you seriously don’t expect everyone to buy their own, do you? Even throwing away cash on one copy of this irredeemable drivel breaks our hearts), or watch one of the Great One’s YouTubed speeches, or the latest outpouring on her blog.


Check over the list of words and phrases and add more if you wish. Print out a set of cards for each player. Decide on how the wildcard square “Blessed Lynne Free Space” should be used. Hit the one person who objects to the majority decision until they shut up.

Read through, or listen to, the immortal prose and cross off the words or phrases as you go.

The winner is the first player to get a full house (card) . What they win should also be decided beforehand, but at worst DIMBLEBOT has some suggestions.

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