Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to wade through the back issues of What Doctors Don’t Tell you in search of the elusive nugget that validates their existence. What we are looking for is:

  1. a piece of health information
  2. that is in wddty
  3. that is correct according to the best available evidence, and
  4. that doctors don’t tell you

Yup, it’s that simple. All we are trying to do is find examples of things doctors don’t tell you that they should be telling you, rather than things doctors don’t tell you because they are wrong.

It’s a gigantic task! 256 issues, 15 in print and the balance published with no expense spared in the coveted “digital only” format that sits perennially at the top tier of academic significance.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. Right now it’s us, but us could include you if you have a few hours to spare. Remember the criteria, we’re keeping them as simple as we can. What we’re looking for is:

  1. It’s a health claim
  2. It’s in “What Doctors Don’t Tell You
  3. It’s true, according to the best available evidence
  4. It’s something doctors don’t tell you

There must be reams of it, given that the entire magazine is founded on the idea that there is a veritable flood tide of things that doctors don’t tell you, and assuming that they don’t mean obvious nonsense like water cures cancer or Gardasil has killed hundreds of girls. We know doctors don’t tell you that, because it’s ridiculous nonsense!

Here’s what we’ve found so far:


Are we downhearted? No! At least not until we read the next article from WDDTY and find it full of provable falsehoods.

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