Get involved!

Our aims are:

  • to crowdsource detailed debunking of inaccurate articles in WDDTY (we’re allowing for the possibility that they might occasionally allow an accurate one to slip by)
  • to curate inaccurate statements by Lynne McTaggart about criticism of WDDTY
  • to curate reality-based commentary on WDDTY
  • to link as many reality-based resources as we can find!
  • to curate letters to retailers about WDDTY

You can help in several ways:

  • send us links and commentary
  • join up and write for us
  • release your blog posts for reblogging here

To help please contact us and choose the most appropriate thing from the dropdown

You can also:

  • tweet reality-based articles and commentary using the #WDDTY tag
  • Follow us on Twitter:
  • make up spoof covers


  • Calling someone a liar without clear evidence is defamation. Pointing out that they have made an error of fact is not.
  • Calling someone a liar without clear evidence is defamation. Calling them a bullshitter is mere vulgar abuse.
  • Critical commentary is fair use (under copyright law) but the use must be proportional.
  • Satire is in the finest traditions of British fair play.
  • McTaggart has a history of hypocritical whining in response to criticism. Mock her for it, but don’t descend to the same level.

What "What Doctors Don't Tell You" Don't Tell You