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July 2015 in review: Part 3

We’ve seen the cover stories, pages 1-10 and pages 11-21.  Thus far, most of the content has been adverts, followed by things doctors do tell you and falsehoods from previous issues of  WDDTY. A bit of a swindle, the first quarter, and not even much of the lunatic nonsense for which WDDTY is famed. All that is about to change.

An advertising feature (as opposed to the undeclared advertorial that makes up most of the magazine) pimps the “MEND” Programme for Alzheimer’s disease. If there’s one thing guaranteed to get the vultures circling it’s a dreaded and incurable disease, and these vultures don’t mind sitting at the bedside during the death watch. Continue reading July 2015 in review: Part 3

July 2015: the firehose of stupid at full blast

Your challenge: guess how much of this is valid information that doctors don't tell you.
Your challenge: guess how much of this is valid information that doctors don’t tell you.

The July 2015 issue of WDDTY is out.  You can tell from the cover that it’s going to be a cracker. HPV vaccine: new dangers revealed! Why low-cal sweeteners make you fat! Recipe for better breast health! How I beat Lyme disease! Staying sun-safe naturally! And the headline: 10 minutes to stronger bones.

Based on these I predict: an anti-vax diatribe based on misleading presentation of data with no balancing reference to the benefits of preventing cervical cancer; anti-aspartame conspiracist whacknuttery; pimping some refuted nonsense about breast cancer; favourite quack fake disease “chronic Lyme” cured by some quack nostrum; anti sunscreen bollocks; and something doctors already told you.

Let’s see how I do. Continue reading July 2015: the firehose of stupid at full blast

Gardasil: Another unforced error

I'm not antivaccination, but...
Lynne “I’m not antivaccination” McTaggart, the antivaccinationist editor of WDDTY and controller of its Facebook page, has been bitten before by quoting  Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System data out of context without understanding what it means.

Having had to defend her scaremongering, she has found a source that repeats the figure she misinterpreted first time round, allowing herself a second opportunity to look like a fact-blind antivaccinationist harridan.

If there’s one thing Lynne McTaggart can’t seem to resist, it’s an opportunity to repeat a mistake!

Continue reading Gardasil: Another unforced error

‘Safe’ HPV vaccine kills up to 1,700 young girls

‘Safe’ HPV vaccine kills up to 1,700 young girls
On 30 July 2013, WDDTY published the story: ‘Safe’ HPV vaccine kills up to 1,700 young girls.

This anti-vaccine trope is long debunked. The real figure is: zero.

‘Safe’ HPV vaccine kills up to 1,700 young girls

30 July 2013, wddty.com, no byline

Nearly 1,700 young girls in the US have died or suffered permanent disability after being given the HPV vaccine, new official figures reveal. The vaccine, which is designed to prevent cervical cancer, was introduced into the UK last autumn.

A further 19,500 girls have suffered ‘non-serious’ reactions to the vaccine, which has been given to adolescent girls in the US since 2006. The 1,671 girls who suffered a ‘serious reaction’ died, suffered permanent disability, a life-threatening illness or needed emergency hospital care.

Astonishingly, US health regulators say there are “no serious safety concerns” over the HPV vaccine. Instead, their concerns focus on the low uptake of the vaccine. Only around 33 per cent of the target population of girls aged between 11 and 12 years have had all three doses of the vaccine, and they urge doctors to offer the vaccine at every possible “healthcare encounter”.

(Source: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 2013; 62: 591-5).

This report is based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting SystemW (VAERS) which records every adverse event occurring after vaccination – in some case so far after that one has to speculate on why the event was even recorded.

As the source says:

Three population-based published studies of HPV4 vaccine safety, including one from CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink, have been conducted in the United States (Table 2). Although one postlicensure observational study found an increased risk for syncope, no serious safety concerns have been identified in these large postlicensure observational studies.

So how do you go from a document saying there is no serious safety concern to a claim that thousands have been killed and seriously disabled by this vaccine?

Simple: you lie.

The chart in the paper discusses all VAERS events, stating that a serious event is “hospitalization, prolongation of an existing hospitalization, permanent disability, life-threatening illness, or death”. There are 1,671 such reports and they decline steeply over time, reflecting the act that, as safety is established, doctors become less likely to submit a report for an event that is almost certainly not caused by the vaccine, but is merely chance.

Tens of millions of doses of HPV vaccine have been administered. Analysis published after the first 23 million showed a total of 32 reported deaths. Not one of these was provably caused by the vaccine.

All of this data was freely available and widely discussed in the literature prior to publication of the WDDTY story. Even the source they use contradicts the claims they say are based on it.

The claim that Gardasil has killed up to 1,700 young girls is overstated by… 1,700.

Gardasil reduces cervical cancer risk by approximately 70%. In 2010 11,818 US women were diagnosed and 3,939 died. 2,851 British women were diagnosed.

WDDTY hates surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It also apparently hates one of the few interventions that might make all that unnecessary for a significant number of women. Instead, WDDTY peddles unproven and disproven remedies.

Why don’t doctors tell you that Gardasil is deadly?

Because it is a bald-faced lie.

WDDTY on HPV vaccine

WDDTY complains that it is unfairly criticised as promoting the claim that the HPV vaccine is a killer, that the HPV vaccine is dangerous and the virus itself unproblematic.

Do these claims stack up?

See for yourself:

The following list is taken from a search of WDDTY.com and has not yet been filtered or validated. Corrections gratefully received via our contact form.

  1. Parents refusing the ‘unsafe’ HPV vaccine for their daughters Parents are holding back, and are not allowing their daughters to have the controversial HPV vaccine, new research has d… more » e-news
  2. HPV Vaccine: Gardasil may be a killer The HPV vaccine – which is being given to girls aged between 11 and 12 to prevent cervical cancer in later life – may be… more » e-news
  3. HPV: Teenage vaccine is causing death and injury Gardasil, the vaccine designed to protect against the cervical cancer-causing HPV virus, is responsible for the deaths o… more » e-news
  4. Parents want HPV vaccine banned after it wrecked health of their daughters A group of American mothers wants the HPV vaccine Gardasil banned after it ruined the health of their teenage daughters…. more » e-news
  5. Parents refuse Gardasil HPV vaccine for their teenage daughters Parents are turning their back on the new Gardasil HPV vaccine, and are refusing to allow their teenage daughters to hav… more » e-news
  6. ‘Safe’ HPV vaccine kills up to 1,700 young girls Nearly 1,700 young girls in the US have died or suffered permanent disability after being given the HPV vaccine, new off… more » e-news
  7. HPV: The higher profits vaccine The latest vaccine has big question marks over its safety, effectiveness—and necessity more » Cover Story
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  13. Taking the Michael: no, you don’t get throat cancer that way Hollywood film star Michael Douglas’s claims that his throat cancer may have been caused by oral sex isn’t backed up by… more » e-news
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WDDTY on vaccines

Lynne McTaggart claims that she is not anti-vaccine

WDDTY is not-anti-vaccine?

Totally not anti-vaccination cover of WDDTY
Totally not anti-vaccination cover of WDDTY
WDDTY: not anti-vaccinatio, just totally indistinguishable form anti-vaccinationists.Precisely the kind of picture never used by anti-vaccinationists. Much.

Does this stack up?

Here’s a list of stories on wddty.com matching “vaccine”. The number is a round hundred, making it  likely that searches are limited to 100 results.

  • Stories supportive of vaccines: 0
  • Stories taking a “neither for nor against” stance (false neutrality): 0
  • Stories with an anti-vaccine stance: 100

Looks like McTaggart is anti-vaccine after all…

  1. Arthritis: hb vaccine blamed Two health workers given the hepatitis B vaccine …  more » news)
  2. New vaccine for pneumonia backfires The pneumonia vaccine is not effective in preventing pneumonia or death, new trials reveal. …  more » news)
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  4. Swords drawn over new vaccine The move in the US to a more benign version of the polio vaccination has met with some strong opposition, albeit from a…  more » news)
  5. Live vaccine precautions If you do decide to immunize your baby with the live polio vaccine after all, make sure: … …  more » cover story)
  6. Aids: possible vaccine link A strain of the polio vaccine could have been responsible for transferring the HIV virus to humans, according to a rece…  more » news)
  7. Hib vaccine linked to diabetes The Hib vaccine, the vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae type b meningitis, may be linked to juvenile diabetes, accor…  more » news)
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  19. Me could be a reaction to the polio vaccine Re your article on ME (vol 14 no 12), I contracted the illness after an afternoon spent with two children who had just h…  more » Letters
  20. Vaccine news: mmr and dtp Incidents of meningitis linked to the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine in Japan are far higher than first thought,…  more » news)
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  25. Childhood Colitis linked to MMR vaccine Further to your article linking childhood colitis to MMR vaccine (vol 4 no 9), the homeopathic view would be to give MMR…  more » Family matters
  26. Meningitis c vaccine reactions common in practice FL’s sad case only reaffirms what I have been experiencing through my practice. The reactions to the vaccine seem to inc…  more » Family matters
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  30. Success of hib vaccine hyped by poor reporting of disease Consumers may have been misled about the effectiveness of routine immunisation with the Haemophilus influenzae type b (H…  more » news)
  31. Parents refuse Gardasil HPV vaccine for their teenage daughters Parents are turning their back on the new Gardasil HPV vaccine, and are refusing to allow their teenage daughters to hav…  more » e-news
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  37. Medics refuse to take new swine flu vaccine More than half of doctors and a third of nurses in the UK say they would not take the new swine flu vaccine when it beco…  more » e-news
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PLEASE NOTE: The post categories contain only the issues with a cover teaser or lead article about vaccines. Not one has been positive, or even balanced.