What WDDTY officially didn’t tell you: “homeopathy cures cancer”

"Homeopathy cures cancer" - This absolutely never happened.
This absolutely never happened.

One of the criticisms of WDDTY that Lynne McTaggart rejected is that it promotes homeopathy as a “cure” for cancer.

That excuse was pretty thin the first time round, after the March 2012 advertorial. The November 2013 issue (which kicked off the calls for supermarkets to stop stocking this irresponsible rag) was based in part on advance claims that the November issue would major on a reprise of the same true-believer bullshit.

It did.

The November 2013 issue is utterly uncritical, repeating refuted, irreproducible and speculative claims, quoting PR materials from the Banerji foundation as if they were fact, and generally putting their fingers in their ears and chanting “laa laa I’m not listening” to the numerous debunkings of the nonsense they cite.

Did Lynne McTaggart claim that homeopathy cures cancer? Yes, she did. Did she do this on the basis of evidence that is even remotely credible? No.

Why don’t doctors tell you that homeopathy cures cancer?

Because it’s not true.

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