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Fresh from the WWDDTYDTY inbox! None of it made up; all spelling and grammmatical errors lovingly preserved.

Alan Hunter’s wibble

andrew-neil1Alan Hunter is an obvious crank. He is also a quack trying to horn in on the allergies market. Allergology is a notorious difficult and complex field, which of course makes it an ideal hunting ground for snake oil salesmen of all descriptions.

Hunter is a compulsive spammer who  is now barred from using our email feedback form because he seems unable to comprehend the simple business of comments under blog posts. Unlike Lynne McTaggart, we don’t believe in suppression of speech (mockery is a far more effective way of addressing opposition), so this is a placeholder for a series of his differently-coherent replies copied and pasted from our feedback system.

Apologies for lack of formatting, this is a result of picking them out of the spam bin.

There are contributions here fomr other websites, not just WWDDTYDTY: if you’ve been the “beneficiary” of Alan’s “wisdom”, feel free to send it in. Please include the date and time of receipt (we might, if we can be arsed, track the coefficient of blether against time – it’s noticeable that the posts written after the pubs shut are the least coherent).

Feel free to reply to his tirades in the comments below, especially if you can go one step further than “Ha ha ha! Fuckwit”.

Alan Hunter resorts to CAPITAL LETTERS! Will The Ed falter?

This time he waited nearly 23 hours to post a fresh rant, and only one copy of it as well. We make progress, perhaps.


Re your abusive and criminal threat to me that you would have “my arse” (my, how dignified you must be!),

Then again, perhaps not.

simply because my article threatened mainstream medicine….

You give yourself airs. Your article does not threaten modern medicine. It is only a threat to the gullible who read it and swallow it hook, line and sinker. You claim that serious medical conditions – including cardiovascular problems, depression, schizophrenia and epilepsy – are caused by food allergies. Encouraging people with the symptoms and illnesses you list on your website to forsake their medication in favour of your patent diet could lead to their deaths.

I want to reply. It doesnt matter a f**k my credentials. Not ONE f**k!

Exactly. Because your credentials are not worth – and please note that we are not so hypocritical as to use asterisks – a single monkey’s fuck.

I have brought together 30 YEARS of research in the manner of a jigsaw puzzle

Ah, the Lone Maverick ploy. Nope, being the only (totally unqualified and inexperienced) person in the whole world to have reached a conclusion over 30 years is more likely to be a sign you’re barking up the wrong tree than that you’re a genius.

which resulted in comments such as “Highly original”, “Truly original”, “Completely original”

Sounds like a new brand of sherry. Of course, anecdotes do not represent objective data – anonymous, unsourced anecdotes even less so – but even the team here will concede that, upon reading your claims, our first reaction was: “That’s, er, very original.”

because it was the FIRST-EVER world discovery of the link between body temperature, parasites, and food allergy.

What parasites are these then? Fleas? Ticks? Tapeworms? Political lobbyists? Or just general nameless parasitey things? Frankly the blurb on your website reads like something out of HP Lovecraft:

  1. How parasites can exist in YOUR body, causing your food allergy or chronic health disorder by interfering with blood flow at the site of your symptom.
  2. How low body temperature (even a mere one degree below the normal of 98.6) is responsible for attracting these TEMPERATURE-SENSITIVE organisms to you in the first place causing not only food intolerance but a host of common everyday disorders such as arthritis, depression, etc.
  3. How you can RAISE your body temperature naturally by following the diet recommended in the book, thereby overwhelming the parasites that are responsible for your condition.
  4. How Nature already shows us that heat is the means of defeating parasites (such as bacteria) – she raises the body temperature at such times by producing a FEVER!
  5. How the body heals itself; How drugs do not restore health – and much, much more.

Amazing discoveries and claims, yet not a single study published in a genuine scientific journal? How very, very odd. Anyone might think you hadn’t a shred of evidence.

Your attempt to attack my awards is pathetic. I won Best Research from Action Against Allergy (who are more knowledgeable about food allergies than any of your crowd!). They KNOW about food allergies – unlike you! 

We can find no mention of the charity giving any awards, so links or it didn’t happen. Incidentally, “our crowd” includes doctors and health researchers, so we suggest you keep the willy-waving to two shakes at the urinal.

I won Best Resarch award – TOP RESEARCH AWARD – from the Prince’s Trust for Integrative Medicine,

An institute for quackery doesn’t impress. Where’s the publication in the BMJ, Lancet, Nature etc?

beating at least twenty MEDICALLY QUALIFIED doctors from all over the UK who submitted their own research WORKS.

We forget how many qualified medical doctors there are in the UK, but 20 is not exactly a huge sample. There are idiots everywhere, of course. There’s a huge idiot in line for the UK throne in a few years and worthless quackery remains worthless quackery even when royally approved.

My research on that fine day, was declared “Truly original”, “Highly original” and “Completely original” as my 30 year research on food allergies came to fruition.

Are you sure they weren’t referring to the sherry? You don’t give the year, but since HRH has also been recorded as giving similar awards for aromatherapy we continue unimpressed. Even a link to that notoriously unselective repository, PubMed, would be better than this.

So your libellous statement that I had received my awards from a diploma mill is being studied carefully – I can assure you!

It’s not libellous until a court of law says it is. Moreover, we did not claim that you had received your worthless PhD from a diploma mill, simply that we thought it likely.

My doctorate, from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (and they have absolute authority to award such awards according to Indian Laws) was awarded for my fabulous food allergy research.

Fabulous? You do not hide your light under a bushel, do you? Yes, we see the organisation you mention does indeed list you as an alumnus and offers the title you claim. Again, it’s a quack organisation. It does not matter that the Indian Government has chosen to dignify it with the title of medicine; reality holds sway even in India and pseudoscience remains pseudoscience.

Besides, we were under the impression that your credentials don’t matter a single, heartbroken fuck?

Yes, there are other websites which recently have arisen that they are “fake”. But as someone who went to their alternative medicine university, I can tell you now, they are a valid and active college, fully accredited by Indian law.

Yes, but it’s still pure quackery, dispensing quackademical diplomas.

They also awarded me the high honour of the Seva Ratna award for my research.

The Fuck Donation count is steady at zero. Where is the evidence? Where is the peer-review? Where, in short, are the signs that this is anything other than an ageing, embittered ex-champ trying to make money out of a form of charlatanry he’s cobbled together from various other quack cults?

And they have Indian government authority to deliver these awards.

“By Jove, but fucks are in short supply this year, Justin.” – “They certainly are, Ludovic.”
(Translation: it’s not the diplomas that validate the science, but the science done by graduates that validates the diploma)

My award was not from a diploma mill as you libellously suggested. BUT THAT MATTERS NOT A SINGLE JOT!

It seems to bother you, in spite of your denials. Some of us are beginning to recognise the symptoms, and they include this tendency to repeat oneself word-for-word and SCREAM IN IMPOTENT RAGE.


Fabulous, as in: mythical or of fables, e.g. “the unicorn is a fabulous creature”? Yes, we reckon you’ve got exactly the right term there.

I have never said I was a medical doctor, so I suggest you swallow that foul accusation – just as your claim I got my awards from some queer website.

No, sunshine, the onus is legally on you to make it clear, when you use the honorific “Dr” in a medical context, that you are not medically qualifed. And this, as we have seen, you fail to do on your website.

No, sir, you are WRONG. My books, exposing the sham of mainstream medicine and how they are complicit in PREVENTING the man in the street from getting well, tellS it all, my good man!

Conspiracy theorist as well? Predictable, of course: hucksters often use this scare tactic to push their wares. Tough, we ain’t buying your idiotic book and will certainly dissuade anybody else from buying it, except perhaps if they’re doing a very specialised type of research in psychology.

I have no itention of using Dr if that worries you!

Since you already do use that title, that can best be categorised as “a barefaced lie”.

I don’t NEED to. Give me your email address

Not bleedin’ likely. It’s bad enough getting all these foaming rants via the website Contact form.

and I will show you why YOU – yes YOU – are in the wrong.

A far better way to settle it would be to get your research accepted for peer review and  publication  by a reputable scientific or medical journal. Come back when you’ve got that, and maybe you’ll get a handsome apology and withdrawal of all criticism. However, this is just too funny for words:

Or are you STILL hiding? Mmm? And if you have intentions of taking me out – as your threat suggests – be aware, I am WAITING, my good man. Oh yes!

Your kind friend Alan Hunter

Put the horse whip away, Alan, that attitude and manner of speech went out with the Edwardians. Nobody except you has offered violence of any kind. You’re just an ageing jock turned drama queen.

Exactly 45 minutes later, we got yet another message. Definitely got a bee in his bonnet, this guy.

Dear Sir
Further to my email to you recently – referring to how your threat to “have my arse” simply because I made a wonderful piece of research on food allergies – which you don’t know the first thing about…. I want to now state that I will be having my solicitor looking at your libellous statements that I won my awards from a “diploma mill”, and – not only that – put in on the web so that the entire world could see it! And that your threat to “have my arse” was also displayed on line so that the entire world could see that THREAT to my body. Because that is, my dear man, exactly what it was! About time, don’t you think, you were brought to task instead of firing out insults left right and centre, always on the assumption you would get away with it? Mmmm?
Alan Hunter

We would not like to be the solicitor who has to explain, slowly and carefully, that he hasn’t got a hope in hell because we did not write the things he’s accusing us of. Pity, really. A frivolous suit like that could have been a great advert for scepticism and would certainly annoy the bullshit-apologists at WDDTY for several months.

Alan Hunter and the Ongoing Legal Bluster

Even the most indefatigable of nutters must rest at times and Alan Hunter managed to stem his mounting indignation for over 60 hours before firing off yet another rant via the contact form. This is quite possibly a major feat. We would, however, invite him to use the Comments feature on articles in future. It won’t make the mocking any less bitter, but it might save him the indignity of being mocked in several different posts.

I would like your name and address.

We bet you would, lovely boy. However, it is not editorial policy to give out contributors’ legal names and addresses willy-nilly to ranting buffoons with imagined slights. We refer you to the responses in the cases of Arkell v Pressdram (1971) and Stephens v. Popehat (2011).

You have misleading information about my awards and my ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE title,which is a fully approved one.

We have practically no information about your awards, apart from your European bronze medal for Judo in 1966. As we noted in the original post, to which you object so copiously, there is no information as to where you got these worthless pieces of paper. As for being “fully approved”, you are wrong; many people don’t approve of them at all.

I DO NOT call myself a medical doctor. I never have done.

Straw man argument. Nobody on this blog ever claimed you did.

I make it quite clear it is alternative (non-traditional) one.

Er… nope. You do not. Here on this particular webshite of yours – Allergy International – that statement is never, ever made as far as we can tell. We can but speculate as to how dim a view the various UK regulating bodies might take of the claims you make, as many of these would appear to be in clear contravention of the Code of Advertising Practice.

And my awards are from KNOWLEDGEABLE associations

They certainly know how to make money out of fools and the mentally fragile.

and the Prince’s Trust for Integrative Medicine.

That is hardly a recommendation. Quackery remains quackery, no matter how rich the betitled idiot using public money to finance it.

I want your details please so that I can properly contact you.

You keep saying that, like a five-year-old hoping to wear its parents down into acquiescence.

Your hiding behind an anonymous website says everything about you.

Ooh, I bet you say that to all the editorial teams, you charmer you.

ESPECIALLY threatening me with VIOLENCE in saying you’ll have my arse!

My dear posturing prat, you have yourself been handing your arse to us on a plate with parsley around it to kick at leisure. Have you any idea how much of a fool you are being? Especially over a figure of speech that is hard to misunderstand in the context of a blog.

I await your details urgently.

Wait away. Nobody’s stopping you.

ALAN HUNTER Award-winning author on Food Allergies and Chronic Illness

And bronze medal winner in the Under-21s category of the European Judo championships 1966, who was gracious enough to write this to The Scotsman in January 2013:

Deluded Pearson needs to get down from his high horse

SO, Lee Pearson, the paralympian, expects a knighthood for his ten dressage golds? Let’s put things into perspective. Without detracting from his efforts, one must realise that the number of people with his level of disability must be a miniscule fraction of the population.

Then out of that tiny fraction, that number is further decimated when you select only those who do dressage.

So, for Mr Pearson to expect a knighthood for being the equivalent of the best runner in a primary school of 100 children, is really pushing his own perception of his importance.

ALAN HUNTER (former GB judo internationalist)

Alan Hunter: but wait! There’s moar!

Only 45 minutes after sending his lunatic rant over chronic illness, our hero decided that he had more to say on the subject and sent it again with extra psychotic babble for the same price. Well, it looks psychotic to us. We won’t bore you with the repeated text. This is the addendum:

Dear Sense About “Science” (…)
But it is obvious that you are on the side of the companies who make MONEY out of prescriptions! You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are liars, frauds, and thieves! And if you want a challenge at court on these issues – go ahead – give me your details! Because, what I CAN say, is that I will expose your fraudulent methods o “curing” as being just that – FRAUDULENT. And if you want to take me to court – BRING IT ON! Looking forward to the TRUTH being brought out in the courts/newspapers/TV/Radio/door-to-door-leafleting!

Yours every so kindly

Alan Hunter (someone more knowledgeable than you – for SUR

So, taking that bit by bit, and ignoring the bitchy greeting:

But it is obvious that you are on the side of the companies who make MONEY out of prescriptions!

That’s Ye Olde Pharma Shill Gambit. It’s especially idiotic of Mr Hunter-Warren to resort to it, inasmuch as he quite provably makes money – or tries to – out of his book and tester kits. It’s also extremely hypocritical of him to expect other people to work for free, while he should adjudge himself the right to make a profit.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are liars, frauds, and thieves!

No, we are not ashamed of exposing, debunking and mocking quackery.  Moreover, the “liars, frauds, and thieves!” assertion is unambiguously defamatory and a court of law would doubtless agree with us. It’s just as well for you that the editorial team here are anonymous and thus don’t have a professional reputation to defend, isn’t it?

And if you want a challenge at court on these issues – go ahead – give me your details!

This is posturing. Why on earth should anybody wish to send their personal information to a PO Box with Multiple Personality Disorder? In any case, it would be for our legal representatives, had we any, to get in contact, not the plaintiff.

Because, what I CAN say, is that I will expose your fraudulent methods o “curing” as being just that – FRAUDULENT.

Really? Just a minute while we heat up some popcorn. Incidentally, are you related in any way to a chap called John Benneth? Your writing styles are depressingly similar.

And if you want to take me to court – BRING IT ON!

We fart in your general direction. If anybody is going to take you to court, it will likely be the Advertising Standards Authority. We have seen the claims on your webshite.

Looking forward to the TRUTH being brought out in the courts/newspapers/TV/Radio/door-to-door-leafleting!

We suspect you have delusions of grandeur. We also reckon we know who will be doing the door-to-door leafleting, presumably in Morningside, Edinburgh, from where you wrote to The Scotsman recently. No, we’re not stalking you. It’s not hard to trace narcissists who like to flaunt long-past achievements.

Yours every so kindly Alan Hunter (someone more knowledgeable than you – for SUR

Perhaps, but we hesitate to ask what it is that you are more knowledgeable about.

Don’t go away, there are plenty more rants from this fruitcake to be dissected. We haven’t even started on the webshite, and if anything deserved that description, it is certainly his.

Alan Hunter: the plot thickens

Shortly (less than 30 minutes, in fact) after the missives dealt with in the two previous posts (here and here), we received this message via the Contact form… from the same email and IP addresses as those signed “Alan Hunter”.  This is interesting for 2 reasons. Firstly, about a quarter of an hour before he started deluging us with increasingly bizarre messages (as you will see), we had received this, from a different email address but the same IP address:

I am insulted by what the magazine says. But I would be interested, very much, in your dismantling the wrong information to arrive at the truth. Please send me the newsletters.
Dave Warren

This had caused a certain amount of head-scratching at WWDDTYDTY Towers. How does one respond to something as incoherently devoid of clue? For debunking of ridiculous claims, he need only read the blog. If he wants the newsletter, he need only subscribe. We decided to ignore it. Then this turned up:

Dear Sirs
May I say something? Mainstream medicine has NO cure for 98% of chronic illness. YES – it has NO CURE! An arthritis sufferer may take medication for his condition but, after an hour or so, the arthritis will STILL be there! There has been NO CURE. Relief yes, but cure, no! So please don’t criticise WDDTY for exposing you as SHAMS – because mainstream medicine know NOTHING about curing. Got cancer on the breast? No problem – we’ll cut your breast off? Headache? No problem – we’ll cut your head off! Is that CURING? Utter nonsense! And that is from an “alternative practitioner” !! I leave it to you to work out who is the more sensible!
Alan Hunter

Yes, it would appear “Alan Hunter” and “Dave Warren” are the same person. How interesting, for somebody who’s so quick to fling accusations of cowardice and hiding behind anonymity. And how interesting that the mask of reason crumbles so rapidly.

Let us examine these startling claims of his. I believe, Mr Hunter-Warren, that this is the point where we will, indeed, metaphorically “have your arse”.

Mainstream medicine has NO cure for 98% of chronic illness. YES – it has NO CURE!

We put aside for the moment that he provides no evidence for this figure of 98% and refer to the WHO definition of chronic illness:

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), also known as chronic diseases, are not passed from person to person. They are of long duration and generally slow progression. The four main types of noncommunicable diseases are cardiovascular diseases (like heart attacks and stroke), cancers, chronic respiratory diseases (such as chronic obstructed pulmonary disease and asthma) and diabetes.

In other words, a chronic disease is one that by definition is difficult, if not impossible, to cure. This is called cherry-picking, Mr Hunter-Warren. It is a dishonest debating tactic. Now let’s look at that “98% incurable” claim, shall we? It’s scare-mongering. Not all chronic illness is incurable; cancer is a prime example of a chronic illness that can often be cured. Even when no cure exists, it’s often possible to control progression and reduce the severity of attacks.

Moreover, as scientific research progresses, more currently chronic diseases are becoming curable. Hepatitis C, for example.

An arthritis sufferer may take medication for his condition but, after an hour or so, the arthritis will STILL be there! There has been NO CURE. Relief yes, but cure, no!

This is typical quack marketing. Arthritis – which is an umbrella term for over 100 different conditions – is a chronic condition characterised by inflamed joints. Of course it’s unlikely to go away after taking a painkiller. Moreover, relief is very important when you have a chronic condition. However, what the quack wants to sell is the false hope of a quick and easy cure. Therefore they will play up the difficulty of curing such conditions, while implying  – or barefacedly claiming – that they can, with magic mixtures or happy thoughts. Or, in the most extreme cases, touching you just there for the good of your health.

Now some frothing lunacy:

So please don’t criticise WDDTY for exposing you as SHAMS – because mainstream medicine know NOTHING about curing.

Nothing, eh? So all those people who died young of horrible diseases before the advent of modern medicine are a figment of our collective imaginations every time we walk through a century-old graveyard? The people now walking around with reconstructed faces, bodies etc. after accidents don’t exist? The friends and colleagues who survived cancer all organs intact? The people with mental health problems who can function normally in society without resorting to suicide or addictive substances?

Got cancer on the breast? No problem – we’ll cut your breast off?

Mastectomy is not systematic. In fact, if the tumour is detected early enough, the breast can usually be saved intact. In cases where mastectomy is required modern surgery can perform wonders, as any surgeon can confirm.

Headache? No problem – we’ll cut your head off!

That is frankly moronic. In what insane conspiraloony world does anybody treat migraine by decapitation, Hunter-Warren, you lying little dipshit?

Is that CURING? Utter nonsense!

It’s a prime example of the straw man argument: setting up false premises in order to knock them down and claim victory. Utter nonsense indeed.

And that is from an “alternative practitioner” !!

Non sequitur. It’s also exactly what “alternative practitioners” (i.e. quacks) always say.

I leave it to you to work out who is the more sensible!

Alan Hunter

“Modern medicine can’t cure everything therefore [insert quackery being touted here] will” is not even remotely sensible or logical. You’re just another elixir huckster, Hunter.

(Just for laughs, we received the same message 3 minutes later, this time from the “Dave Warren” email account. Still the same IP address)

Alan Hunter girds his loins for legal battle

Alan Hunter, it seems, has things preying on what passes for his mind. Again, received on 18th September and it was not the final missive.

I want to know the NAME of the coward who wrote “Alan Hunter – we will have your arse” Hardly dignified is it? But I want your NAME so that I can challenge you in court. Up for it, my good man? Or hiding yet again behind an anonymous website – controlled by drug company money – eh?

Alan Hunter

Perhaps Mr Hunter intends to turn up at the (non-existent) WWDDTYDTY head office with the traditional horse whip to argue his point of view with the hack who dared voice an opinion not entirely in accordance with his own inflated self-esteem? It would hardly be more ridiculous – or more undignified – than threatening to take somebody to court over what was very clearly a promise to examine and debunk his claims to cure food allergies. Or perhaps Mr Hunter is mortally afraid of exactly that and is trying to throw up a smokescreen?

We note that he resorts to the traditional, undignified, Pharma Shill gambit. We also note that Alan Hunter operates out of an anonymous PO box in Dundee, selling a “Food allergy test kit” for £29.99  plus P&P and a book entitled “Curing Food Allergies and Common Illnesses” for £8.99 plus P&P . The book appears to have been self-published via Ashgrove Publishing, a company specialising in fiction, especially of the bodice-ripping kind. My word.

Brilliant researcher Alan Hunter fails to find “Comment” button

Back in June 2014, we wrote a very short piece mocking yet another extravagantly unlikely claim in the WDDTY email newsletter. There has as yet been no full debollocksing of the claims in it, as the various writers for this blog have been busy with real life stuff: families, holidays, dealing with genuine illness (some of it our own: one daft bugger broke his thumb) and our own blogs. Last, but certainly not least: we have been diligently keeping a sometimes overly persistent wolf from the door, because nobody gets paid by any supposed “Big Pharma” to do this, nor do any of us just coincidentally happen to have our own miracle products or special online courses/books to sell to the terminally gullible.

So, last Thursday, while the UK and its citizens worldwide were waiting for Scotland to decide everybody’s nationality in the near future, a certain Alan Hunter sent us this via the feedback form, presumably because he thinks we’re like WDDTY and systematically block dissenters and heretics from commenting on articles:

Dear Sirs I wrote a piece in a recent WDDTY, which was the truth. I note you have said – openly for everyone to see – that “your arse will be ours”. What a wonderfully dignified response from a scientist (I am surmising you are from SAS?)

Leaving aside the mockery to which we are tempted on noting Mr Hunter’s grasp of the niceties of English grammar and syntax, we will merely confine ourselves to answering his question:


Don’t go away; there’s more to come.

Censure is bad

dear wddtydty

i am a reader of wddty magazine. i find it contains some very useful and interesting information although i don’t necessarily agree with everything it says. i am pleased to encounter your website as it is good to hear a wide variety of opinions on health issues and i’ll look at what you have to say carefully. however i do object to the fact that you are apparently part of a campaign to have wddty magazine removed from supermarket shelves. i am not a child and am quite capable of making up my own mind about the validity or otherwise of a publication. attempts to censure information do not make for a well informed debate about anything. i for one wish to continue purchasing wddty magazine from my local supermarket.

best wishes

lynn thompson


Dear Lynn,

Please look up the difference between “censure” – to which we fully and proudly admit – and “censor”, which we don’t do, unlike Lynne McTaggart. There is also a subtle but important difference between fact and opinion. Again, try not to confuse them.



Utter garbage

I have never read such a load of utter garbage as on your web site. I find it hard to imagine how anyone with half a brain would make up a web site debunking articles in a magazine largely regarding supplements or treatments that some people have found helpful for various conditions. Do you honestly think that what doctors know is all there is? Drugs came from herbs, did you know that? It is pitiful. Try putting your energy into looking at what makes people well and encourage it instead of being so negative. I would be dead without alternative medicine….consider that…..

Stephanie Ginn

Dead without alt med? Well, yes, Stephanie: we consider that… unlikely – Ed

Cancel my WDDTY subscription forthwith!

This one is rather sad. Lucia doesn’t seem to have twigged that we are not Lynne McTaggart, or WDDTY, or anything to do with them. With touching naivety, she provides her full name and phone number which you lot are not going to get because we have standards.

It also makes it abundantly clear that, once WDDTY have got their money out of you, they don’t give any manner of fuck whether you actually get what you paid for, whatever it was. You’d think that, in these harsh times for the printed Press, a magazine with a tiny circulation would be falling over itself to cherish its subscribers, a source of regular income. You would be wrong.

McTaggart isn’t interested in helping people; she’s interested in herself, and herself alone.


I’ve sent 2 emails to Gemma and not had a response regarding a subscription I’ve taken out at 50% off for the magazine. Or at least I thought it was the magazine, but it turns out I’m not sure what the subscription was for in retrospect! I’ve also tried calling twice, and on both occasions got this mailbox is full message.

I would like to cancel this subscription, as I’m not sure what it’s for and cannot speak to anyone to clarify the situation. Please refund my payment immediately.

Lucia (surname withheld) (details withheld)