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Alan Hunter: the plot thickens

Shortly (less than 30 minutes, in fact) after the missives dealt with in the two previous posts (here and here), we received this message via the Contact form… from the same email and IP addresses as those signed “Alan Hunter”.  This is interesting for 2 reasons. Firstly, about a quarter of an hour before he started deluging us with increasingly bizarre messages (as you will see), we had received this, from a different email address but the same IP address:

I am insulted by what the magazine says. But I would be interested, very much, in your dismantling the wrong information to arrive at the truth. Please send me the newsletters.
Dave Warren

This had caused a certain amount of head-scratching at WWDDTYDTY Towers. How does one respond to something as incoherently devoid of clue? For debunking of ridiculous claims, he need only read the blog. If he wants the newsletter, he need only subscribe. We decided to ignore it. Then this turned up:

Dear Sirs
May I say something? Mainstream medicine has NO cure for 98% of chronic illness. YES – it has NO CURE! An arthritis sufferer may take medication for his condition but, after an hour or so, the arthritis will STILL be there! There has been NO CURE. Relief yes, but cure, no! So please don’t criticise WDDTY for exposing you as SHAMS – because mainstream medicine know NOTHING about curing. Got cancer on the breast? No problem – we’ll cut your breast off? Headache? No problem – we’ll cut your head off! Is that CURING? Utter nonsense! And that is from an “alternative practitioner” !! I leave it to you to work out who is the more sensible!
Alan Hunter

Yes, it would appear “Alan Hunter” and “Dave Warren” are the same person. How interesting, for somebody who’s so quick to fling accusations of cowardice and hiding behind anonymity. And how interesting that the mask of reason crumbles so rapidly.

Let us examine these startling claims of his. I believe, Mr Hunter-Warren, that this is the point where we will, indeed, metaphorically “have your arse”.

Mainstream medicine has NO cure for 98% of chronic illness. YES – it has NO CURE!

We put aside for the moment that he provides no evidence for this figure of 98% and refer to the WHO definition of chronic illness:

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), also known as chronic diseases, are not passed from person to person. They are of long duration and generally slow progression. The four main types of noncommunicable diseases are cardiovascular diseases (like heart attacks and stroke), cancers, chronic respiratory diseases (such as chronic obstructed pulmonary disease and asthma) and diabetes.

In other words, a chronic disease is one that by definition is difficult, if not impossible, to cure. This is called cherry-picking, Mr Hunter-Warren. It is a dishonest debating tactic. Now let’s look at that “98% incurable” claim, shall we? It’s scare-mongering. Not all chronic illness is incurable; cancer is a prime example of a chronic illness that can often be cured. Even when no cure exists, it’s often possible to control progression and reduce the severity of attacks.

Moreover, as scientific research progresses, more currently chronic diseases are becoming curable. Hepatitis C, for example.

An arthritis sufferer may take medication for his condition but, after an hour or so, the arthritis will STILL be there! There has been NO CURE. Relief yes, but cure, no!

This is typical quack marketing. Arthritis – which is an umbrella term for over 100 different conditions – is a chronic condition characterised by inflamed joints. Of course it’s unlikely to go away after taking a painkiller. Moreover, relief is very important when you have a chronic condition. However, what the quack wants to sell is the false hope of a quick and easy cure. Therefore they will play up the difficulty of curing such conditions, while implying  – or barefacedly claiming – that they can, with magic mixtures or happy thoughts. Or, in the most extreme cases, touching you just there for the good of your health.

Now some frothing lunacy:

So please don’t criticise WDDTY for exposing you as SHAMS – because mainstream medicine know NOTHING about curing.

Nothing, eh? So all those people who died young of horrible diseases before the advent of modern medicine are a figment of our collective imaginations every time we walk through a century-old graveyard? The people now walking around with reconstructed faces, bodies etc. after accidents don’t exist? The friends and colleagues who survived cancer all organs intact? The people with mental health problems who can function normally in society without resorting to suicide or addictive substances?

Got cancer on the breast? No problem – we’ll cut your breast off?

Mastectomy is not systematic. In fact, if the tumour is detected early enough, the breast can usually be saved intact. In cases where mastectomy is required modern surgery can perform wonders, as any surgeon can confirm.

Headache? No problem – we’ll cut your head off!

That is frankly moronic. In what insane conspiraloony world does anybody treat migraine by decapitation, Hunter-Warren, you lying little dipshit?

Is that CURING? Utter nonsense!

It’s a prime example of the straw man argument: setting up false premises in order to knock them down and claim victory. Utter nonsense indeed.

And that is from an “alternative practitioner” !!

Non sequitur. It’s also exactly what “alternative practitioners” (i.e. quacks) always say.

I leave it to you to work out who is the more sensible!

Alan Hunter

“Modern medicine can’t cure everything therefore [insert quackery being touted here] will” is not even remotely sensible or logical. You’re just another elixir huckster, Hunter.

(Just for laughs, we received the same message 3 minutes later, this time from the “Dave Warren” email account. Still the same IP address)

Processed food chemical definitely causes cancer, say researchers

Reblogged from Gareth Lewry’s blog, with permission.

Here is a hint, Doctor’s don’t tell you it because it’s crap!!

So I came across the “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” Facebook Page earlier today.  I have known for sometime that this is essentially aimed at people who want an alternative view to the mainstream medicine approach to curing your ails, and cant be bothered to educate themselves any further than this.

On the surface it looks OK, the articles are compelling and full of what they call  “science”. However that is the surface.  When you dig a bit deeper you see that most of the articles and information they are conveying to the public is disingenuous to say the least.

Here is an example of a post on FB:

FB post from 22/7/14

Now, this post is typical of what they are doing, they are sensationalising the story Massively, however there are some half truths in there that make it credible, and therefore lends to being a source of credible information.  However as they have given a source for their article I decided as a good sceptic, it would be irresponsible of me not to back up the information I’m reading by going back to the original source……and here it is: http://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/press/news/140701.htm

As you can see the FB post says that Acrylamide definitely causes cancer, but when I look at the actual press release, I’m buggered if I can find the phrase “definitely causes cancer” or anything near it.  Posting this sort of disingenuous misinformation is dangerous, because people who solely read this for their scientific information are already on the wrong path and will end up believing this nonsense.

So as my good deed for the day I thought I would help them out.  Here is my response to them:


I hope they understand I’m only trying to help…. by actively discrediting this nonsense before people buy to much into this. However as I am relatively new to this,   I implore you all to to be careful what you read especially about health and science.  I will always post references to articles so at least you will have the source of information, and if I get it wrong (as we all do from time to time) I welcome feedback, as it is a learning experience for me as well.

Low grade prostate cancer “not a killer”

WDDTY has a particular genius for taking things that doctors do tell you, adding spin, and thereby giving significantly less reliable advice.

Take this piece from January 2014, a rare foray (for WDDTY) into the realm of men’s health:


Prostate cancer doesn’t become more aggressive over time. Low-grade cancer always stays that way and doesn’t become life-threatening, researchers have discovered, which supports the ‘watchful-waiting’ approach.

Cancer specialists have assumed that prostate cancer can develop and change, and recommend surgery or radiotherapy if the patient is under the age of 65 or so.

But researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston have discovered that not only can the treatment result in impotence or incontinence, it may also be unnecessary if the cancer is identified as low-grade. In an analysis of cancer tissue taken from more than 1,200 prostate cancer patients between 1982 and 2000, the researchers discovered that the low-grade cancers invariably remained as such.

Instead, men diagnosed with a low-grade cancer should adopt a watchful-waiting strategy, where there are regular check-ups but no intervention.

Reference: Can Res, 2013; 73: 5163; Gleason Grade Progression Is Uncommon, Penney et. al.

This is not news. It never was news. The article quantifies the risk of progression in low-grade tumours, underlines the notorious unreliability of PSA as a sole indicator of progression, and… advocates the standard of care.

Watchful waiting is the standard of care for low-grade prostate tumours. It has been for years. The fact that more men die with prostate cancer than of prostate cancer has been common knowledge for decades, the risk of false positives from screening is widely documented (e.g. Dr. Margaret McCartney’s excellent The Patient Paradox) and the adverse effects of prostate surgery are also well-known.

The only obvious effect of an article like this will be to discourage those men for whom surgery is indicated, and possibly to frighten some men off having tests at all lest the “medical mafia” try to sell them unnecessary and potentially debilitating surgery.

What doctors don't tell you
Why don’t doctors tell you that low-grade prostate cancer probably doesn’t need aggressive treatment?

They do.

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Too much copper?

Too much copper?
One of the repeated criticisms of WDDTY has been its tendency to be alarmist, to publish fringe information without context, and to give the impression of a logically developed argument but without the essential step: logic. A  good example is the call-out “Too much copper?” within the article on “6 ways to keep Alzheimer’s at bay”

WDDTY presents entirely mainstream findings, then tacks on a fringe opinion published in a magazine devoted to the highly problematic chelation therapy subculture within alternative medicine. The result is an alarmist piece which raises fears while omitting very simple factual information that would reassure readers and help them reduce exposure at minimal cost.

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