News for June 2017

Some of our more assiduous readers may have noticed that the blog has been a little quiet over the last 18 months or so. This is not because The Blessed McTaggart and the rest of the WDDTY magic miracle cure merchants have seen the error of their ways. We wish. If anything, they’re worse than before.

No, we’ve just all had to deal with real life, which includes dodgy servers and people trying very hard to hack the blog. In the latter case: we know who they are, we just don’t know why they’re doing this; therefore (unlike a certain charlatan we all know) we’re not going to point fingers and scream “conspiracy”.

Anyway, we’re still here and we’ll try to at least keep you posted on the latest debunking posts on WDDTY from around the Web. We may even post a bit more ourselves.

We need to warn you that blog taxonomy has been revised, for the simple reason that WDDTY has started numbering their issues from Vol. 01 again. If you can’t find a post, drop us a line in the comments and we’ll dig it out for you.

Welcome to WWDDTYDTY

This website is devoted to everyone’s favourite alternative to a health magazine, “What Doctors Don’t Tell You“.

It will point out the dangerous misinformation and the implausible claims made without a shred of evidence.

It will not be gentle with statements so stupid and false that they can – and in some cases did – kill.

In short, we explain What Doctors Don’t Tell You is bollocks. And this is what What Doctors Don’t Tell You doesn’t tell you.